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Anjung Ikhlas in Sarawak & Sabah



Anjung Ikhlas is an educational project specially focusing on new reverted Muslims or mualaf in Sabah and Sarawak. This project focused on helping our brothers and sisters to understand more about Islam 

The mualaf, especially in Sabah and Sarawak need continuous Islamic religious education especially in rural areas 

The daie who teach at mualaf area need more donation from you for this purpose.

Among the locations are Lundu & Kuching in Sarawak and 2 other  locations in Sandakan, Sabah. Teachers or our assigned Daie' will teach Fardu Ain, Akidah, Sirah, Al-Quran and all the basic knowledge of Islam. Currently, 4 teachers  has been assigned to teach in 4 different locations.

We hope that, through this project, the mualaf will continue to practice the true values of Islam and practices Islam in a conducive and supporting environment. 

Join our cause in empowering the community through knowledge. 

Public donations will be used to fund the cost of teaching, reference books such as KAFA, PAFA and fardu ain & kifayah books, as well as other related materials such as stationery, desks and so on.

Let's donate as low as RM 10 only or choose a donation package according to the total location below. May each of your contributions brings a ray of light to the mualaf.

Thank you for your contributions. Your donations is elegible for tax exemption. Kindly fill in the details. 


Anjung Ikhlas in Sarawak & Sabah

RM 13,830 (collected)

28 % Amount Targeted: RM 50,000

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